Michael J Dote, founder and renegade telepath on a magic mission. Ask me anything!

Michael J Dote
Apr 12, 2018

Michael J Dote, founder of Foxing Productions and tele-empathic Buddhist photographer speaks about life, the universe, Korean food and everything in-between.



Topics can include:

"Being Watched"

"Korean food"

"New York $1 Pizza"

"Running a company"

"Camera gear"

"Documentary film-work"

"What it's like to be branded mentally ill"

"Fencing in the 21st century"


"Dogs and their people"

"Pitt Bulls"

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How can one be a better advocate and friend for those struggling with mental illness?
Apr 15, 7:49AM EDT0
What types of medication are you currently on and how do you deal with the lasting negative side effects of said medications?
Apr 14, 6:06AM EDT0
How does one go about making a documentary?
Apr 14, 12:00AM EDT0
How has living with your mental condition shaped who you are today?
Apr 13, 8:46PM EDT0
What are some of the questions you wish people would ask you about your mental health difficulties?
Apr 13, 8:46PM EDT0
Where did you work before starting your own business?
Apr 13, 6:06AM EDT0
Is Korean food your favorite? What else did you try before deciding on it? What is your favorite meal?
Apr 13, 5:53AM EDT0
How did you become a telepath? Do you really believe you can read people's minds and feelings?
Apr 13, 2:19AM EDT0
What kind of work does your company do?
Apr 13, 1:45AM EDT0
Do you share your mental health status with people around you? If so, how do they respond?
Apr 12, 9:14PM EDT0
What are some of the documentaries that you think had a real impact on the world?
Apr 12, 6:20PM EDT0

Super Size Me changed lives, as does a lot of Michael Moore's content (though he's a contrarian, he reached a large audience).

Apr 12, 7:00PM EDT0
What is the best and worst part of running your own company?
Apr 12, 12:15PM EDT0

The hours and the clients. Both can be odd and difficult to deal with, though ultimately it is gratifying to build.

Apr 12, 4:54PM EDT0
Do you think the presence of editing software ruin the art of photography, why or why not?
Apr 12, 12:55AM EDT0

I do not think editing software ruins the art, though it has and will continue to change the way things are done. Processes evolve over time, some more quickly than others, the art itself lies in the decisions made in capture, processing, and the image selection process.

The tools have made things more accessible, but the software if anything opens up more possibilities for creative expression.

Apr 12, 1:35AM EDT0
What kind of photography do you do? Do you photograph professionally or just as a hobby?
Apr 11, 3:14PM EDT0

I do mainly portraiture and some event work. I do it professionally- it occupies a good amount of my time. I also still do some for fun as well.

Apr 11, 7:41PM EDT0
Who are some of your favorite photographers?
Apr 11, 10:25AM EDT0

Richard Avedon, Martin Schoeller, and Beatrix Reinhardt.

Apr 11, 12:39PM EDT0
What kind of gear do you use? What would you recommend for a beginner?
Apr 11, 1:30AM EDT0

Right now Nikon gear, For someone starting out, it all depends on the budget and the desired outcome. Feel free to email me at mike@Mikedote.com and we can chat.

Thank you!

Apr 11, 4:08AM EDT0
How can a person learn to be a tele-empath?
Apr 10, 10:52PM EDT0

I don't think it can be learned. It can be experienced. My recommendation is to work on empathy first and god-willing the tele will fall into place.

Apr 10, 11:05PM EDT0
What is your mental illness? How did it affect your life?
Apr 10, 10:37PM EDT0

The latest official diagnosis is Schizoaffective disorder, bipolar type, however, I have my doubts.

With that said, it affects me in a different way than most- I get medication and I get regular therapy. It's not too severe.

Apr 10, 11:04PM EDT0
What are some of your short and long-term goals professionally?
Apr 10, 10:20PM EDT0

Short-term professional goals include:

Finishing the documentary "A gentleman's determination", and becoming a 911 operator on the side.

Long-term goals include:

Winning awards for content produced.

Directing a narrative feature based on my mother's life

Apr 10, 11:02PM EDT0
Do you believe art can invoke change? How so?
Apr 10, 7:10PM EDT0

Yes. Art leads us to truth. It has an does invoke change with each heart that it touches. Great art can move the world in a way that no amount of force can.

Apr 10, 7:15PM EDT0
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